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Name:Jonathan Teatime
A roleplay journal for Mr. Teatime. (Pronounced te-ah-tim-eh!)

I do not own him, thankyou.

My name is Johnathan Teatime--no, not TEATIME, te-ah-tim-eh. It's best if you pronounce my name correctly as it irritates me to hear it pronounced wrong, and I can be quite volatile when provoked.
I am a junior member of the Assassin's Guild with a crystal ball for a glass eye, and magic in my world is rather like nuclear power in yours--powerful, unstable, and very very dangerous. Anyone willing to use magic the way I do is also very, very dangerous.
I'm in touch with my inner child. Very much so. Most people think I'm just a lunatic, but this isn't true. I'm a brilliant lunatic, which is worse. Nothing is as dangerous as a fine young man with a mind like a shattered mirror--bright and beautiful and completely broken.

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